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 “Let’s Cause A Flutter!” Butterfly Tattoo Campaign

This is your call to arms for Thyroid Awareness Week!
We want you to “Cause a Flutter” about thyroid disorders.

Many people, including clinicians, believe that thyroid disorders are easy to diagnose and treat. However, according to the results of the Hypothyroid Patient Experiences survey, run by Thyroid UK for the Scottish Government as part of a listening exercise into how hypothyroid patients are being diagnosed and treated it is taking a very long time to diagnose - 21% of respondents took over 5 years to obtain a diagnosis of hypothyroidism - and many patients are being denied the treatment they need.

You may not know that the thyroid gland looks like a butterfly so we thought, what better a way to raise awareness than to use this lovely image.

All you need to do is to paint a butterfly or place one of our lovely temporary tattoos (as the TUK ladies have below) onto any part of your body, take a photo, upload it to your Facebook or Twitter page. And ask your friends to do the same so we can educate more people about the thyroid, and let people know how common it is. And that, for some people, it can be an up-hill battle to get a diagnosis and get the correct treatment for them.  

You can purchase two of our temporary tattoos online here for only £1, including postage and packaging.

Alternatively, download this tattoo order form to print and post with your cheque.

If you purchase an Information Pack between now and the end of Thyroid Awareness Week you will receive two free tattoos.

Please do help us to spread the word!

TUK office ladies sporting their butterfly tattoos