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Dr Gordon Skinner
and the
World Thyroid Register

Dr Gordon Skinner was born in Glasgow in 1942 and attended Kelvinside Academy Grammar School where he was duxproxima accessit. Dr Gordon Skinner sadly passed away in November 2013.  

He graduated in Medicine at the University of Glasgow in 1965 and following house jobs in Glasgow and Midlands of England specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and later in Virology and in 1976 became Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the University of Birmingham with Consultant status at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Dr Skinner was awarded the prestigious Doctorate of Science by the University of Birmingham.

His research also extended to the clinical arena. Some fifteen years ago he was asked by colleagues to see patients who were considered to have myalgic encephalopathy or chronic fatigue syndrome or post viral syndrome or post viral fatigue on account of his interest in virus disease. He noted that a number of these patients had clinical features of hypothyroidism but had 'normal' levels of thyroid hormones which would lead most workers in the field to reject a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

Dr Skinner treated and returned to health many patients who were clinically hypothyroid but had normal thyroid chemistry and reported these results in a preliminary paper entitled 'Clinical response to thyroxine sodium in clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid patients'. He was disappointed that many doctors have little enthusiasm or will to examine this critical shortfall in patient care which in part motivated his book "Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism".

Dr Gordon Skinner was concerned about firstly, patients who are hypothyroid but who are not diagnosed, and secondly, patients who are being managed with an inadequate level of thyroid replacement.

He launched the World Thyroid Register to address the “parlous situation of patients who are hypothyroid and have yet not been diagnosed and indeed patients who are being managed with an unacceptably low level of thyroid replacement.” He wanted to record contact details for anyone who is in support of the cause.

The target number of signatures is 50,000. Anyone can sign the register, so please tell your friends, family, colleagues etc.

Dr Skinner saw thousands of patients and accumulated fundamental information on the relationship between clinical signs and symptoms and blood tests before and after treatment in this group of patients. The information amassed by Dr Skinner’s clinic is unique because very few doctors treat patients who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid and thus there is no other source of such detailed data.

The Vaccine Research Trust is now fundraising in order to collate and analyse this information.

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