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Thyroid UK 2014 Conference
Speaker Biographies


Lyn MynottLyn Mynott
Chair/Chief Executive of Thyroid UK

Lyn Mynott is the founder of Thyroid UK. Lyn was ill for 15 years with many signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Her thyroid blood test results were normal and so were many other tests that she had done. When she was finally put onto levothyroxine, her symptoms slowly went away and she was able to work again and take part in normal family activities.

She decided that she didn't want other women to go through the same thing and started campaigning, eventually setting up Thyroid UK and becoming a Trustee. She is also the Chief Executive and runs the office, working on projects that she believes will change the way patients with thyroid disease are diagnosed and treated.


Dr Chris SteeleDr Chris Steele MBE
Journalist and Broadcaster

Dr Chris Steele has been a GP for over 40 years, a TV doctor for 25 years and is the resident doctor on ITV's This Morning. He was also voted Health Journalist of the Year in 2007 and has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Guild of Health Writers in 2010. He is also an MBE.

Dr Chris qualified as a doctor in 1968 and has worked as a GP in South Manchester since 1970. Chris became interested in treating his patients who smoked in the early 1970's and became a pioneer in this field. Chris is now recognised as an international expert in smoking cessation and nicotine addiction. Dr Chris has over 10 years' experience as a journalist and makes regular contributions to magazines and papers nationwide.

Dr Chris has his own website and newsletter which provide people with information and knowledge about health, including how to lose weight, stopping smoking and lead a healthier more informed life. These are Dr Chris' specialist areas and he has written books and articles covering these fields including 'Quit Smoking with the Nicotine Phase out Program', and in 1989 the 'Fat Farewell Diet'. He is also the author of 'Babies and Younger Children'.


Martyn HooperMartyn Hooper
Author and Founder and Chairman of the Pernicious Anaemia Society

Martyn graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Politics. He then gained a Master of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina for his work on the Morality of War. For over twenty years Martyn was an A-level teacher and examiner for Politics & Government and was a Chartered Marketer and external education adviser and examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

After many years of feeling unwell and gradually seeing his health deteriorate he was finally diagnosed as having Sub-Acute Combined Degeneration of the Cord Secondary to Pernicious Anaemia in 2002. In 2004 he was forced to take early retirement from teaching and he formed the Pernicious Anaemia Society with the sole intention of providing newly diagnosed patients with a plain English explanation of their disease. It soon became apparent that there were serious problems with patients being diagnosed quickly and receiving adequate treatment. He now spends his time volunteering for the Pernicious Anaemia Society and representing its members 9,000+ to decision makers in health at all levels.

Martyn is the author of two books on Pernicious Anaemia, has written several articles for magazines and has a book of short stories being published soon. As well as being a politics teacher, Martyn also taught drums to level 8 for Guildhall Examinations, was a Mountain Leader and member of a Mountain Rescue group. He plays drums for his band Madfall Lolfa.


Alyssa Burns-HillDr Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD, MSc, FRSPH, MIHPE

Hormone & Holistic Health Specialist, Professional Health Educator and Author - Kindly sponsored by Cytoplan Ltd

Dr Burns-Hill works internationally as a hormone health specialist, and she works holistically with her clients to bring the person back to the centre of care whilst gently but effectively supporting the body back to health. This approach is borne out of knowledge and experience since her diagnosis of an invasive breast cancer in 2001, which she has overcome naturally without the use of drugs and radiotherapy.

Dr Burns-Hill is Hormone Health Expert for the Complementary Medical Association and on the Advisory Panel for Thyroid UK. You can start to empower yourself by downloading a free report (with a hormone health quiz) at www.alyssaburns-hill.com where there are also published articles and a short film.


Dr John MidgleyDr John Midgley B.Sc (Leeds) D Phil (Oxford)

Researcher, Independent Writer and Reviewer

University Lecturer, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology; Leeds and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Universities 1962-1975: Clinical Trials Coordinator, Diagnostic Products, Amersham 1975-1988: Inventor, one-step methodologies for FT3/FT4 measurement 1980 and 1988: Winner, Prince of Wales Award for Industrial Innovation and Production 1985: Consultant, Diagnostic Methodologies 1988-1998: Trials Abstractor, Gastroenterology, Cochrane Collaboration, 1999-2006. Independent writer and reviewer, thyroid function test interpretation 2001-date: Author of 70 + papers and reviews on bacterial molecular biology/ clinical thyroid function diagnostics.


Dr Malcolm KendrickDr Malcolm Kendrick MbChB, MRCGP GP

Author of "The Great Cholesterol Con"

Dr Kendrick is an experienced GP living and working in Cheshire. He has been researching heart disease for many years. He believes that we need to think differently about heart health, and move away from putting people on more and more medications which have, at best, marginal benefit. He has written a bestselling book "The Great Cholesterol Con" to explain that a high fat diet, and cholesterol levels in the blood, have almost no effect on heart disease. He was elected to Who's Who for his work in this area. He acts as a peer reviewer for the BMJ, and lectures widely on heart health to fellow doctors. His most recent book is "The Dangerous Book for Grown Ups" which looks at all the games that are played with medical data, and how to navigate your way through them.

He is now involved in using new and more accurate methods of measuring blood pressure, advising on dietary changes to assist with weight loss and diabetic control, and looking at non-pharmaceutical ways of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. He wants people to achieve optimal health in ways that are enjoyable and, as far as possible, drug free.


Afshan AhmedDr Afshan Ahmad BSc, PhD

Director of Research and Development
Vaccine Research International Plc

Afshan Ahmad carried out her Masters degree and her PhD in Medical Microbiology under Dr Skinner’s supervision at the University of Birmingham and has worked with him since 1985.

She was the Practice Manager for Dr Skinner’s thyroid clinic in Birmingham working closely with him in his dealings with the GMC. She is also Director of Research and Development for Vaccine Research International Plc which she established with Dr Skinner and is now in charge of the thyroid and vaccine research being supported by the Vaccine Research Trust, a charity Dr Skinner established in 1982.

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