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On 2nd May Julie & her Friends completed the Belfast Marathon 5K

jfriendsEvent date: 2nd May 2016

Julie says:

On Bank Holiday Monday my friends and I ran the Belfast City Marathon 5K fun run, which after severe lack of training from everyone resulted in decent enough times and very sore legs for days after!

I’m definitely not a runner, but the difference I felt compared to doing the event last year when I had undiagnosed hypothyroidism was amazing, I can only hope that how I feel just keeps improving. Maybe next year we’ll manage to get a relay team together but something tells me that if I suggest that there will be slightly fewer volunteers!

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to help us raise beyond our target and hopefully this will help more people with thyroid disease, but more importantly raise an awareness which could lead to earlier diagnosis!

If you would still like to sponsor Julie and her friends you can do so below, until 2 August:


Patricia Martins – St James Walk - Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela in Spain

patricia-MEvent date: 14th May 2016

Please click the link to sponsor Patricia:

I'm going to walk the 790k in the Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.Each step will be taken for my brother, Michel, whom at such a young age chose not to walk among us anymore. At the same time I'll be raising money for the Thyroid UK charity that has helped me so much in my daily struggles with Hashimotos disease.


Oli Burns is Running (not walking!) the Edinburgh Marathon

Event Date: 29th May 2016

Please click the link to sponsor Oli:


Oli says:

I have had Thyroid disease and have had to have my Thyroid removed. I am on medication daily and live a normal life. I would like to raise money for Thyroid UK so that they can support and help people who have Thyroid problems.

Just 26 miles of running - I want to do this in under 4 hours (3.30 would make me very happy).

Edinburgh Marathon logo


Rachel Hill is leading the 'United Unicorns' in the Manchester Color Run 5k (UK)

Event Date: 2nd July 2016

On 2 July Rachel led a team of unicorns on a 5k Color Run for Thyroid UK!  Rachel says:

I completed The Color Run 5k in Manchester, with my partner Adam and best friend Emilie, who have seen the full extent thyroid disease has had on me.

The weather started off dry, then got wet, then dry again, then torrential rain..  you get the picture! It certainly made it more interesting!

The event celebrates life, health, positivity, happiness and fun, so it seemed appropriate in my quest to raise funds for Thyroid UK. You’re coloured in a different colour powder at each 1k of the course, which makes it very fun. We completed it in around an hour, but there were times when we had to stop because people got backlogged, so it’s hard to say properly.

My original target was £100, but I reached this in a few weeks, so raised it to £300. This was reached a week before the run, so we’ve now passed £400 in total, in donations. I felt emotional; proud, happy and thankful, for the support from others but also for completing it. Just six months ago, I couldn’t climb stairs unaided or walk to the end of the street. Now, I’ve done a 5k. And that’s with thanks to Thyroid UK,  that I’m well again. I want to help them to carry on doing this and more.


If you would like to see a full report of the day, you can find it here:


Their sponsorship page is open until the 2nd August if  you would still like to sponsor them:


Nicky Clifford-Goss is taking part in the London to Cambridge 100km.

Event Date: 2nd July 2016

Please click the link to sponsor Nicky:

Nicky tells us:

Having lived with someone (My Mum) all of my life who has suffered from Thyroid I always that thought it was quite rare. There were days that my mum was too tired to do anything as well as the side effects that came along with the disease but to discover a year or so ago that my wife was always suffering from this disease made me realise that this disease is not so rare after all.

Michelle has days where she is too tired to do anything and can be grumpy as she gets frustrated as she feels she has wasted her day/time because she has no energy. I want to raise money to provide support and guidance for a disease that is very common and that the majority of people living with it have to get on with their lives even though each day can be debilitating due to the lack of energy.

Emma is completing the first 25km of the London to Cambridge Challenge


Please click the link to sponsor Emma:

Emma says:

Last year my husband was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, and has since has had a total thyroidectomy and radiotherapy. Thyroid cancer in men is still very rare but numbers are rising. Any donation is greatly appreciated, thank you for your support - Team Johnolly!

Benidorm or Bust!

Event date: 08 - 11th June-2016

Jackie Careless and her husband Glenn are taking part in the Benidorm or Bust banger rally.

Benidorm or Bust rallyJackie and Glenn will be driving over 1500 miles from the Black Country to Benidorm over 4 days. The car rally involves treasure hunts and lots of activities to complete while travelling through the UK, France and Spain. There will be a total of 150 cars partaking.

Jackie says:

'We intend on dressing up our 20 year old Volvo estate and ourselves to match so that we stand out from the other cars! Thyroid UK is a fantastic charity, please sponsor us.'

You can sponsor Jackie and Glenn via their MyDonate page here:


Linda Kendell has signed up to take part in the 100km South Coast Challenge

Event date: 27-August-2016

Click the link to sponsor Linda:

LindaLinda tells us:

I've completed 3 of these challenges previously but never with a disease that can leave you unable to get out of bed in the morning or make walking to the end of the road a challenge in itself.

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in Sept 2014 and through medication I'm now able (mostly) to conduct my day to day life. There's still fatigue, brain fog, memory shot to pieces, and doctors are not the most informative people when you have a whole list of questions so it's online and places like Thyroid UK that help.

I am committing to walking 50km of the South Coast Challenge which starts in Eastbourne, pops over the Seven Sisters and continues on towards Arundel.

I have signed up for the 100km as I would hate to get to 50km and not have the option to continue but until I actually get out and do some long distance training I have no idea what's going to happen.

Gemma Carter is doing the South Coast Challenge - 100km

Event Date: 27th August 2016

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Gemma says:

I have 'borderline' hypothyroidism. My thyroid lives in it's own little world (a lot like my mind!). Some months it will 'normal', others it will be 'abnormal'; I call it my 'yo-yo' thyroid. Despite the 'borderline' tagline, I still suffer from the horrible symptoms that the Thyroid disease can bring.I want to be able to contribute to making a difference to Thyroid sufferers; promote awareness of this silent disease and show that despite the frustrations and symptoms, anything is possible!

I would like to raise money so that Thyroid UK can continue to fund research into the Thyroid and borderline hypothyroidism ...because everyone is different! I'm also raising money for Thyroid UK for my relatives who suffer from hypo / hyper thyroidism
So never one for doing things quietly and having never participated in any type of running related race....I've challenged myself to the 100km walk / run during the South Coast Ultra Challenge 2016!

South Coast Challenge

The route - Eastbourne to Arundel
A sea front start, up Beachy Head, through Seven Sisters Country Park and along the South Downs Way to Brighton & on to the Arundel finish line!

For more info on the South Coast Challenge, click here


Cheryl is taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle Ride.

Event Date: 11th September 2016

Click this link to sponsor Cheryl:


Cheryl tells us:

I've signed up for this challenge as I have been personally affected (by thyroid disease) and was surprised by how little information I was given by my consultant and GP as to treatment options and management of symptoms.

Thyroid UK provides patient information and support and works to increase awareness of the different conditions that affect the thyroid and what can be done to help.

I do hope you can help me on my way with your sponsorship and support.


Gemma Blackie's Half Marathon

Event Date: 18th Sept 2016

Click the link to sponsor Gemma:


Gemma tells us:

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease almost 10 years ago. I had a total thyroidectomy last year but I still have symptoms to deal with that make life a challenge. This has prompted me to take more responsibility for managing my health better.

I've signed up for this challenge so I can do my bit to raise awareness and support the work Thyroid UK does to provide patient information and awareness of the different conditions that affect the thyroid. I'm hoping for a good energy day on 11 September to enjoy and complete the ride! Your sponsorship and support will be much appreciated.



Chynna-Marie & Charlie’s Dog Jog

Event Date: 29th October 2016

Click this link to sponsor Chynna-Marie & Charlie:


Chynna-Marie says:

At 8 I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism).Suddenly my world was changed forever, I was never prepared for how much hypothyroidism would affect my life.

As someone with an underactive thyroid I constantly feel exhausted. The battle it takes to get out of bed each day is a fight in itself. Each day I'm in pain.

1 in 10 people are diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Most are women. It's a horrible way to live, being constantly depressed, tired & in pain. I hope together we can support Thyroid UK so that less people suffer.


Laura's Half Marathon Marathon!

Event Date: 2nd October-2016 - 13th January 2018

Click this link to sponsor Laura:

Laura-WLaura tells us:

In 2011 my Goddaughter (Georgia) was born with Congenital Hypothyroidism (CHT), a disorder that affects 1/3500-4000 babies born each year. Early detection of CHT means early treatment to ensure that infants do not develop irreversible neurological disability, luckily Georgia was diagnosed at 10 days old.

In order for Georgia's body to get the right amount of hormones, she has to take medication everyday for the rest of her life (along with various tests). She is a very brave, healthy, lively, caring, cheeky little girl (everything you would expect of a 5 year-old) and so with Georgia in mind it is Thyroid UK that I will be running for.

13 going on 30!
I will be running a series of half marathons over a course of 16 months. I aim to run at least 13 half marathons and all before I turn 30 in January 2018. Hence the title '13 going on 30!'.

My challenge will begin in October 2016 when I will run the Bournemouth Half Marathon. I am still in the process of scheduling the rest of the half marathons, but I will need to complete one half marathon a month basically.

I will be signing up for registered half marathons in the UK, but if I find the dates do not work out I will run my own half marathon and have someone cycle or run alongside me in order to prove it! :) I will upload the other dates of my events as I book them!

I look forward to beginning my challenge and raising as much as I can for Thyroid UK! The more of you I have to support me along the way, the easier it will be! I look forward to sharing my journey with you all.