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Thyroid UK
Web of Stories Video Channel

Thyroid UK has launched a very exciting project and we need your help!

Thyroid UK’s support website, Health Unlocked has shown us how blogging about your thyroid health, asking questions and answering other members’ questions has helped you enormously. We think our new project may be able to help you in a similar way - instead of reading and writing about your health you can now make short videos for others to see.

We are very lucky to have been approached by Web of Stories -
http://webofstories.com - to set up a special video recording channel for Thyroid UK.  The Web of Stories site contains videos where individuals tell personal stories, conveniently divided into channels such as Health, Food & Drink, Poetry, Politics, Travel, etc. The idea is to encourage members of the public to record and share stories for others to enjoy. The site also includes videos of some of the greatest leaders and thinkers of our time, collected in a special “Lives” channel. 

We have now set up a dedicated Thyroid UK Channel and we are inviting members to tell their own story. These stories will be visible on the Thyroid UK channel as well as on the main Web of Stories site.

To view the videos on the Thyroid UK Channel you can either:

If you would like to record or upload a video to the Thyroid UK Channel, you will require a special access code (see Guidance Notes below).

webcamWith your help we hope to build a large library of stories from people with different types of thyroid disease and at different stages of their thyroid journey. We hope this collection of stories will become a fantastic resource, not only for thyroid patients and their friends and families, but for nurses, doctors, endocrinologists and other members of the medical profession to see how thyroid disease affects our lives. 

So, please do start videoing for us - what a brilliant way to spread awareness!

Guidance Notes

 How to upload your story:

  1. Request the Thyroid UK “Access Code” from us using this form.
  2. Access the Thyroid UK channel by clicking on  http://thyroiduk.webofstories.com 
  3. If you have not already registered on Web of Stories, please register now, using a password of your choice as your individual password. You will also be asked for the special Access Code.
  4. Once logged in to the Thyroid UK channel, click on the option “Tell your Story
  5. If your computer has a webcam connected, the technology recognises this and you can record directly on to the site.
    Alternatively, if you do not have a webcam or you would like to use a pre-recorded video, click on ‘upload a story from your computer’.
  6. Follow the directions on screen to make your recording.
    If you are recording directly, you get an opportunity to review the video before submitting, so you can have as many takes as you want.
  7. When you are happy with your recording, click the “accept” button.
    You will then be asked to provide some information such as a title, a description and some keywords, which will help people to find the video using the search function.
    We suggest words like thyroid, T3, antibodies etc.
  8. You will also need to tick two boxes in respect of copyright and terms and conditions.
  9. The final step to complete the upload of your story will be to click “Go Live”.
  10. Finally, a couple of warnings based on our testing.
    First, be aware that it may take some time to upload your recording – sometimes longer than the ‘few minutes’ suggested.
    And second, make sure your camera is not upside down; we all look so much better the right way up! 

Form and Content:

We want you to tell your own thyroid story in your own words, in your own way.  But here are some points to bear in mind:

  • You have a maximum of 10 minutes to tell your story. However, according to research, viewer concentration levels fall after about 3 minutes, so the optimal length of the video should be about 3-5 minutes.  You can always spread your story out over several videos, i.e. pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment, change of treatment, feeling better, etc.
  • Please try not to be too alarmist.  Please be aware that the stories will be watched by people at different stages of the disease, including those who are newly diagnosed.
  • Many of the storytellers currently on Web of Stories speak to a 'listener' who every now and again prompts the speaker with a question if he or she appears to be going wildly off course.  The recording for Thyroid UK should not be a dialogue between you and the listener; YOU are the speaker telling YOUR story. 
  • Please do not name and/or shame any member of the medical profession.
  • Please do not make any reference to where or how thyroid medications can be purchased without a prescription.

Some topics you may want to cover:

    • Personal details (eg. first name, age, family).
    • How long ago you were diagnosed, what symptoms you had then, how you felt about the diagnosis.
    • How you have been since your diagnosis – any surgery you have had, any treatments you have had or been denied, the treatment you are on now.
    • How you feel about thyroid disease now, how your family feel about it.
    • Any tips you have for coping with thyroid disease.


  • Any patient or members of their family who want to record their thyroid story to the Thyroid UK channel can do so, either directly on their PC, if they have a webcam, or by uploading their own videos. However, they will need the Access Code, available from Thyroid UK before they can assign their video to the Thyroid UK channel. 
  • Videos can be recorded using any sort of recording equipment, including a mobile phone. However, a video from a mobile phone would need to be uploaded to a computer, and then added to the site, because there is no app available for direct upload at the present time.
  • Once recorded and posted, videos recorded on the Thyroid UK channel will be publicly available for anyone to watch; we cannot restrict who views them.
  • Videos on the Thyroid UK channel can also be cross-tagged to other relevant channels (such as the Health channel, for example).
  • We have no ability to edit individual videos once they have gone live, although we can remove a video in its entirety if we are alerted by users of the site that it is unsuitable.

We know that people with thyroid disease don’t generally enjoy seeing themselves on video but please try to overcome your reluctance and get recording – it will be such a help to the thyroid community. 

Thank you very much and have fun!