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Thyroid UK Office Closing Dates

The Thyroid UK Office will be closed for the festive season from the
afternoon of 19th December, re-opening on Monday 5th January 2015

If you plan to order something from our little shop, please make sure
your order is with us by 15th December for despatch before Christmas. Thank you!




Scottish Thyroid Petition Update

Scottish Parliament logoScottish Parliament Petition - PE01463
Effective Thyroid and Adrenal Test, Diagnosis and Treatment

Lorraine Cleaver, Scottish Parliament Petitioner, wrote again to the Scottish Parliament on 19th November. In her letter she quotes the Royal College of Physicians in their response to her "Ask For Evidence" request:

"The RCP's guidance is based on the opinion of an expert panel which was temporarily formed for this purpose. The evidence they used to form their individual opinions has not been collated and therefore the RCP cannot provide an evidence list."

You can see her letter here:


On 25 November 2014 there was a further meeting where the Committee agreed to invite the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network to consider developing a guideline and to consider a paper by the clerk at its next meeting. You can watch a video of this meeting for approximately two more weeks. The discussion about this petition starts at approximately 33 minutes:



Big Life Fix

Studio Lambert – an award-winning TV production company led by Stephen Lambert, creator of Secret Millionaire, have approached us about an exciting and innovative new project they are working on called Big Life Fix with a major broadcaster.

In the programme, their team of expert engineers and designers will create bespoke inventions to transform peoples' lives for the better.

They want to reach out to the members, supporters and staff at Thyroid UK to offer them the opportunity to get involved. They would like to speak to people who think they could benefit from the help of their expert team, or even people who would like to nominate a loved one.

At this stage we are looking to do some non-broadcast filming, with a view to producing a full series in the near future.

If anybody is interested in being considered for the programme, or if they would like some more information, they can get in touch with the production team on:

biglifefix@studiolambert.com or give the friendly team a call on 020 3040 6809.

Click the image below to download a larger version in PDF format.

Big Life Fix



Hypothyroid Twins' New Book

Coralie & Donna[Coralie Phillips BSc (Hons), MSc and Donna Roach BSc (Hons), MSc - Identical twin authors of the factual book Hypothyroidism in Childhood and Adulthood, the novel Three Times the Trouble and the factual illustrated children's book The Twins' Tale, have written another book.

The book, entitled Duplicate Dreams, is about twins and multiples with identical interests and or careers in common.


They have also been interviewed for an article, which appeared in the Wales on Sunday newspaper on 16th November 2014. The online version of the article can be found at www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/look-same-eat-same-same-8115073

For more information go to www.thyroidbooks.co.uk



Matthew Doherty has applied for the FjallRaven Polar 2015
and wants to raise awareness for Thyroid UK

Matthew Doherty has applied for the FjallRaven Polar 2015, which is an approximately 300km long winter adventure across the arctic tundra.

Fjallraven PolarThe participants will steer a dog sled all the way from Signaldalen, Norway, to the forests around Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lappland.

Conditions can be grim at times, even if the weather is usually relatively stable in April north of the Arctic circle.


Matthew wants to raise awareness for Thyroid UK and we are therefore helping him to raise awareness of his application.

The application period closes on 12 December and visitors to the website can vote for the submission they like the most and the objective is to win as many votes as possible.

This is what Matthew has to say:

"At 19 years of age, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, I discovered this after finding I had little energy, even a 15 minute walk to the local shops became exhausting. However, as anyone who has suffered with Hyperthyroidism, may know, this is the tip of the iceberg, from a physical sense. I also dramatically lost weight, and went down to around 7 stone (44 kg). This lead to my diagnosis and medication was used to control my hyperthyroidism, albeit with mixed results. So at the age of 24 I'd decided enough was enough, and opted for a thyroidectomy. I knew that this would result in hypothyroidism. However, it was the right choice, as I had developed Graves' disease. The side-affects weren't as aggressive, and I always struggled medication wise. This apparently can often be the case for men.

After the operation, I would consider my life in general to have improved dramatically. I was able to re-train as a gym/fitness instructor, which encouraged me to go back to college to study Sports and Exercise Science. Once I finished with my studies at college at the age of 26, I felt that the next step was university. It was at university that I discovered my passion for the outdoors, whilst on an Outdoor Studies Bsc. Since then I have always tried to push myself and enjoy every moment, with the outdoors being a part of this. This is why I have applied for FjallRaven Polar 2015. I hope that I am selected for this trip of a lifetime.
Importantly, in doing so I would like to raise awareness for Thyroid UK, and thyroid health related issues in general. I realise that I am incredibly lucky to participate in many outdoor related activities, especially with hypothyroidism. Therefore, if it would be possible to raise awareness through this fantastic journey, then it would be really worthwhile."

Please vote for Matthew and he can raise awareness for thyroid disease!

To vote for Matthew please go to:


Strictly Come Dancing in aid of the Vaccine Research Trust

Hello Everyone,

If strictly has got you in the mood – please come along to our very own evening of live entertainment and strictly dance performances at the Dark Horse, 145 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP on Thursday 11th December between 7 and 11pm.

Kind regards,


Strictl Come Dancing for the Vaccine Research Trust



Please Help Thyroid UK to win £10,000 and You will get
the chance to win your Christmas paid for by PayPal!

PayPal are having a "Magic Moments" Christmas Campaign.

All you need to do is click on the PayPal banner below.

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Simply logging in to your PayPal account via the banner below
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Thyroid UK could do so much with £10,000 :)




Call for public consultation: WHO Statement on
Public Disclosure of Clinical Trial Results

AllTrials logoWe have an incredible chance to press the World Health Organisation to state that the results of all clinical trials must be publicly reported. The WHO has never had a policy on reporting the results of clinical trials but it has now resolved that it needs one.

We need everyone to respond to the WHO's consultation and to press the WHO to include past trials as well.

The consultation closes on 15th November. We're working on our own response right now and will share that with you this week.

If you agree, please respond and let them know that you are:

  1. Calling for the results of all past clinical trials to be reported, as well as all future clinical trials.
  2. Requiring results to be reported within in 12 months, rather than permitting delays of 18-30 months. The USA's FDA Amendment Act, the newly adopted EU Clinical Trials Regulation and pharmaceutical companies including GSK and LEO Pharma all agree that 12 months is enough time to report results.
  3. Encouraging researchers to put results on publicly accessible registers, in useful, standardised formats.

Email your comments to ictrpinfo@who.int before Saturday, 15 November 2014. Please remember to include your name and contact details as the WHO will not consider anonymous comments. You can read the full AllTrials response to the WHO policy here.
This consultation could change the way trials are run and reported so it's important that you get involved!



Do You Have a Winning Ticket?
Unclaimed Conference Raffle Prizes

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Anyone wishing to claim their prize should send the relevant ticket to:

Thyroid UK, 32 Darcy Road, St Osyth, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO16 8QF

by 31st October 2014. After this time the prizes will go back into the pot for the next raffle!



The Vacine Research Trust (founded by the late Dr Gordon Skinner), needs to raise funds to enable the publication of all the data collected over the years by Dr Skinner's clinic.

Future health of >300,000 in the UK alone at risk
if vital thyroid studies are not published - PLEASE HELP

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have ‘normal’ blood tests for thyroid chemistry but clinical signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. In the UK, Europe and USA doctors are reluctant to diagnose and treat on the basis of clinical diagnosis in patients with normal blood tests resulting in untold suffering in this group of patients. They are left to suffer with wide ranging problems including lethargy, slowing down of all functions, muscle and joint complications, digestive problems, infertility, cognitive and mental difficulties often being labelled with depression, and related illnesses such as ME, CFS and fibromyalgia. The tragic consequences include loss of livelihoods, homes, families and friends.

The medical profession continues to fail them and there is urgent need for research in this area to help understand the wider implication of clinical signs and symptoms as well as blood tests on correct diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.

Dr Gordon Skinner was one of the very few doctors who argued that blood tests should not be pivotal in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism in this particular group of patients and treated patients in this category with encouraging results. It is interesting that Dr Skinner was not doing anything new nor prescribing new medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism; patients were diagnosed and treated for this disease based on clinical signs and symptoms and medical examination before blood tests were established.

In 2000 Dr Skinner published a study of 139 patients from his clinic in which he reported that clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid patients had favourable clinical response to thyroid replacement. Dr Skinner saw thousands of patients since then and his clinical work has accumulated fundamental information on the relationship between clinical signs and symptoms and blood tests before and after treatment in this group of patients. The information amassed by Dr Skinner’s clinic is unique because very few doctors treat patients who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid and thus there is no other source of such detailed data.

It is crucial to collate and analyse this data and publish the findings in scientific journals to ensure this valuable information is presented to the medical world towards improving the care of these patients.  This work is now being supported by the Vaccine Research Trust and we are embarking on a major fundraising drive to maintain this vital research which could prevent unimaginable suffering in people who say they are just surviving with no quality of life.

We need £65,000 per year to support this research over the next two years and ask all of you out there to help us raise this by donating, organising fundraising events, and asking anyone you know to fund us. Any amount of donation will be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Afshan Ahmad PhD
Director of Research and Development, Vaccine Research Trust
Email: info@vrt.org.uk
Website: www.vaccineresearchtrust.com

Please donate on: https://www.justgiving.com/vaccine-research-trust
If you are a UK taxpayer don't forget to ask for ‘Gift-Aid’ as the government will increase your donation by 25%



URGENT Request for Testimonies

Dr Thierry Hertoghe is sending out this plea for testimonies to help a lady who is going to court soon:

VERY URGENT REQUEST for TESTIMONIES on your MEDICAL IMPROVEMENT to ALL PATIENTS who have suffered from a CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME and did not find relief until they came to this consultation and got on hormone therapy.

WE NEED YOUR HELP CITIZENS FROM THE UK! If you are from the UK, please respond. Your testimony is even more precious! PATIENT RIGHTS IN DANGER

Dear Patient, In the U.K. (Great Britain), there is a mother who is in prison and before court because she came to Belgium at my consultations to get help for her daughter, a child of age 14, who since 6 years suffered from a severe chronic fatigue syndrome, which made her unable to attend school since 4 years, almost speechless due to the fatigue that is due to hormone deficiencies.

Multiple trials to get help in the UK met failure from the National Health Service (NHS). When she came to Belgium, she for the first time improved relatively quickly with hormone therapies with no overdose signs or other side effects. Many people close to these two persons in the UK have confirmed this by written testimonies.

The hormone therapies include thyroid (takes out the fatigue at wake-up and when you remain still), cortisol (provides energy and wake you up, takes out fatigue in stressful situations and when standing up), and growth hormone (takes out exhaustion). All medical data justifying these treatments is strong. The substances are vital for life. Without any cortisol iin the body, there is death within 24 hours, without thyroid dead comes within weeks, without any growth hormone, life expectancy may be reduced by 34 years in women.

The child has deficiencies, no total absence, but these deficits are sever enough to produce the severe debilitating fatigue and other complaints she has. The court trial takes place in the second half of October 2014. The mother is accused of wanting to harm her daughter with thyroid; cortisol and growth hormone that would be "poisonous" substances. Consequently, the daughter has been taken out of the custody of the mother and the mother put in prison. Unbelievable based on the real facts!

The complaint was initiated by the divorced father who in all appearance takes revenge of his previous wife, apparently not really taking care about his daughter who is now put into a psychiatric institute. The father and his doctors in the UK believe that the fatigue of the now 16-year-old child is pure psychological, but psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs did and do not help. In reality, the mother is a super, very healthy minded, caring mother who with love tries to do the best for her daughter and get out of the exhaustion. The father's doctors in the UK don't do any really hormone check-up. They also did not ask to see the data of the medical records, but conclude after 15 minutes consultation that the child is fine hormonally and does not need help in this sector.

The lives of the child and her mother are being destroyed by a justice and medical system that does not really seem to care. They are victims of the failure of the National Health Service (NIS) and the English justice system, who do not accept when the NHS fails, that patients go to doctors outside of the UK, where possibilities in diversity of medical approaches are greater.

PLEASE HELP: we need your testimony before October 15, 2014, and if possible before October 10

How to write? Best is to type your testimony and then sign it and put name and address on it. If you prefer handwriting it, it is also OK.

How long? One page or half page is sufficient, but if you estimate more, do so. Be precise and concise in your wording.

How to send? By post mail or email.

By post mail - you can do both if you think It better to be sure your testimony arrives on time

Send your testimony in an envelope to DR Hertoghe, avenue Van Bever 7, 1180 Brussels, Belgium.

By email: Scan your testimony in color and send the scanned testimony as an attachment by email on the email secretary@hertoghe.eu and secretariat@hertoghe.eu

To whom to address your testimony?
Address it to the court in the UK or to Lawyer Kenneth Hind (not to Dr Hertoghe as I am not allowed myself directly to provide any confidential medical information)

What to write? Tell in your own words: after putting your name, address and date: that you had important and severe chronic fatigue and that it was relieved here with the help of hormone therapies.

This is the major point and sufficient if you do not want to disclose more for testimony. If you are OK to disclose more: the following points are important, on condition that they correspond to your experience:

Additionally: tell that you tried to find relief elsewhere but did not get it (tell only the real facts)

Additionally: tell that your case was not understood by local doctors/ the local medical system and you faced unbelief, possibly even humiliation

Additionally: tell that you took and/or take cortisol and/or thyroid and /or growth hormone. This is a valuable addition in your testimony. If you are able to discriminate on the beneficial effects of each hormone therapy had on you, tell what were the differences in improvement of each therapy. Tell only about the hormone treatments you really take.

Example of how to tell your story: " I, (name XXX°, age XX), was since years tired with this and this additional complaints ….. This created difficulties for my work/studies … I tried to find help around me in my country but did not succeed. When I came to Dr Hertoghe's (or Dr XXX's), consultation, after several months of treatment, I found relief. The following improvement occurred in me: I felt so much more energy, better mood, …..I could get out of my bed and/or back to work or could work for longer hours, etc…I find that people must have the chance to choose their doctor and therapies when something is wrong and cannot be fixed to consult only local physicians. …etc.…"

CONCLUSION: Please help quickly with your testimony these two persons the mother and her child who need desperately your help. I am not myself under attack, but intervene as witness and medical expert in this case. This is the critical moment for you to help. If you live in the UK and were dissatisfied of the NHS, your testimony is even more valuable. But even if you don't live in the UK, your testimony is precious. Superthanks I advance for your testimony

Dr Thierry Hertoghe secretary@hertoghe.eu
President of the World society of Anti-Aging Medicine President of the International Hormone Society Dr HERTOGHE CLINIC 7 avenue Van Bever 1180 Brussels - Belgium



Pernicious Anaemia / B12 Deficiency App

B12 deficiency logoTracey Witty, who runs the B12 Deficiency website, has developed an app for people with pernicious anaemia/B12 deficiency.

"When I was first diagnosed with B12 deficiency I searched for an app to help me record my symptoms and manage my condition. I found nothing available that fitted my needs. We are proud to have created an app for those who are already diagnosed with B12 deficiency and Pernicious Anaemia for this purpose."

If you buy the smartphone apps (£2.99 GBP) these sync to the website using the same login, so you can print your charts and update your data on your desk top device too.
So as not to leave out people who don't have access to a smartphone this app is also available as a web only version (£2.50 GBP) so that you can use it on your PC.
The app looks easy to use with everything you need to chart your health.

For more information go to: www.b12deficiency.info/about-the-b12-web-app



One year since Dr Gordon Skinner’s last IOP


Dr Gordon SkinnerGordon R B Skinner MD (Hons) DSc, FRCPath FRCOG
22 Alcester Road
B13 8BE
Tel/Fax 0121 449 8895

23rd September 2014


Dear Everyone,

On Tuesday 7th October 2014 it will be exactly one year since Dr Gordon Skinner’s last IOP at the General Medical Council, St James’ Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ. Sadly, one year on, nothing has changed for the patients who continue to be ill and their needs ignored by the medical establishment.

Perhaps the GMC is not the ultimate vehicle for change but they cannot forget that they owe an explanation to Dr Gordon Skinner’s patients - and more widely to this particular group of people who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid - as to why they continued to ignore thousands of letters which supported the success of Dr Skinner’s diagnosis and treatment.

I would like to urge you all to email and/or write to the people listed below at the GMC and the Department of Health to reach them on the 7th October 2014 to remind them that they have been very irresponsible in being influenced by the current dogma regarding the way that hypothyroidism is diagnosed and treated and that if they claim to protect patients and act in the patients’ best interest they must address this issue. 

It would be a reminder to the GMC that they cannot renege on their duty by closing the doors and hoping we will all go away. They must take some responsibility for having brought these cases against Dr Skinner and acting under the influence of those who promote this current dogma even though such dogma has failed to take into account the individual needs of patients who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid. One has to ask, was the GMC manipulated by some members of the medical profession in this instance resulting in a failure to protect the interests of certain hypothyroid patients?

It is also very important that everyone who writes asks for acknowledgement of receipt of their letter.

Kind regards,

Afshan Ahmad PhD

Names and addresses to write to:

Mr Peter Swain, Assistant Director of Investigation, General Medical Council, Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, Seventh Floor, St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ
Email: PSwain@gmc-uk.org

Professor Sir Peter Rubin, Chair of General Medical Council, Seventh Floor, St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ
Email: customerservicemanager@gmc-uk.org. Email to be marked in subject box as: FAO: Professor Sir Peter Rubin, Chair of GMC.

His Honour David Pearl, Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, General Medical Council, Seventh Floor, St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ
Email: David.Pearl.cs@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk


Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2NS
Email: sally.davies@dh.gsi.gov.uk

The Editor of the Sunday Telegraph
Email: stletters@telegraph.co.uk

**and copied to Dr Afshan Ahmad
Email: info@vrt.org.uk


Thyroid Federation International - Statement
Thyroid hormone substitution: T4/T3 combination treatment and animal thyroid extracts

Thyroid Federation International logoThe standard treatment for hypothyroidism is levothyroxine (T4). In the majority of people with hypothyroidism levothyroxine reverses their symptoms. Levothyroxine has a long track record of safety and treatment can be monitored reliably by blood tests. Because of the long duration of action, levothyroxine can be taken once daily. Levothyroxine is a "pro-hormone" and is converted in the body to T3, the really active thyroid hormone, which tissues and cells respond to.

Thyroid Federation International is concerned that many people with thyroid disease feel that their symptoms are not well controlled. The information available in the media on this topic may be confusing for patients. It includes suggestions of using large doses of levothyroxine, T3, combinations of levothyroxine and T3 or desiccated pig thyroid.

Thyroid Federation International believes that patients should be empowered by being well informed about their condition and the various treatment options and should take an active part in decision making about their treatment. Patients must also be well informed about potential adverse effects of treatment options.

People who remain symptomatic on thyroid hormone replacement are an important and medically challenging group who deserve to be taken seriously and managed holistically. Within this group there are individuals with other medical diagnoses or who have never achieved optimal thyroid hormone replacement with levothyroxine; alternative means of thyroid hormone replacement may provide temporary subjective improvement in symptoms, at the expense of long-term harm to their health and may delay the diagnoses of other conditions. Many symptomatic patients who have tried different thyroid hormone replacements fail to improve, which is indicative of the fact that this approach is not a panacea for people who are in that unfortunate category. For some people a trial of combination of T4 and T3 may prove to be beneficial. Thyroid Federation International endorses the European Thyroid Association guidelines on this topic (www.karger.com/Article/Pdf/339444) which provides a sound, responsible, safe and holistic framework (see Appendix 1).

Some people choose to take high doses of thyroid hormones or desiccated pig thyroid. This choice should be respected - in such cases we believe that they should have access to medical supervision and monitoring for potential development of adverse effects.
We believe that engagement between patients, scientists, doctors, patient and medical professional organizations with an open mind is the best way of improving patient outcomes and their quality of life. Our knowledge and understanding of thyroid hormone replacement in people with hypothyroidism needs to be broadened. Thyroid Federation International believes that more research is required using robust scientific methodology.

May 25th, 2014
Ashok Bhaseen
President of Thyroid Federation International (www.thyroid-fed.org)

Dr Petros Perros, Newcastle
Member of the TFI Medical Advisory Board

Click here to download the full document (which includes the appendix and reference).




September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness monthKaren Gribbon is a thyroid cancer survivor who lives in Northern Ireland.

She is spreading the word about thyroid cancer and has just been featured in the Belfast Telegraph

Karen wants to remind people to "Check your Neck" and explains how to do this in her blog - www.raisingmightygirls.blogspot.co.uk

For more information about thyroid cancer go to



Afshan Ahmad comments on Telegraph Arlticle

Dear Everyone

Afshan has written a letter to the Editor of the Sunday Telegraph in response to the article on 27/7/14, this can be seen on the 'Letters' page of the World Thyroid Register – go to www.worldthyroidregister.com
She has also posted it on the comments page below the article.

It seems that this article has caused quite a stir attracting over 200 comments so far – to see these, including Afshan's letter, here is the direct link to the article again, for ease of reference:- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/alternativemedicine/10985192/Could-a-renegade-doctor-save-your-life.html and if you click on 'comments' at the start of the article it will take you straight to all the comments below the article.

I have also written to the Sunday Telegraph and should you wish to do so then the Editor can be e-mailed on stletters@telegraph.co.uk

We all know that Dr Skinner was an exceptional doctor but he was also ethical and a man of integrity, which makes the remarks made against him by some of the 'mainstream' doctors cited in the article all the more despicable and of course we know them to be untrue.

Please add in your voices to this debate if you are so able.

Kind regards and warm wishes
Julie [Cameron]

Telegraph Article Could a 'renegade' doctor save your life?



#UNMUTE Campaign - NHS Complaints

unmuteukRecently Which? commissioned a survey into how complaints were handled by the NHS – the results were shocking; 40% of people who experienced problems within the NHS didn't complain and of those who did, more than half felt they were ignored, while 43% were dissatisfied by the outcome.

The recent public inquiry into the scandal at Stafford Hospital, saw complaints handling become a top priority for change and Which? are committed to not letting the government forget, so they are looking for 50,000 signatures on the #UNMUTE campaign which is asking the government to:

- Give people a role in triggering inspections by regulators through their complaints.
- Give people a unified public services ombudsman which can swiftly deal with their unresolved complaints.
- Give people a voice by allowing representative groups to make super-complaints in our public services, as they do in private markets.

The campaign is being supported by spoken-word artist George the Poet and music producer Jakwob, who have come up with a unique track in support and once the campaign reaches 50,000 signatures the full track will become #UNMUTED.

If you have ever felt unheard, please sign this petition: www.unmuteuk.com



An important new paper published in Clinical Endocrinology Journal!

Clinical Endocrinology Journal coverThyroid UK advisors Rudolf Hoermann, John E.M. Midgley and Johannes W. Dietrich have just had a new research paper published in the Clinical Endocrinology Journal.

Dr John Midgley tells us:

"What it proves is that there is no such thing as a TSH range that is suitable for everyone, and that the range is different according to the effect of independent influences such as age, body mass, size of working thyroid volume and whether someone is on T4 or not.

The T4 therapy range is very much lower than the "normal" untreated and sits around the 1 or lower mark. The 3-4 upper level that works for the normal person is not satisfactory and can indicate undertreatment.

Also we're finding that people with no thyroid working at all cannot easily regain normal FT3 with T4 alone and that TSH suppression often has to happen, and in some people no amount of T4 will regain normal FT3 levels. Recent reviews by the gurus now admit that some people cannot handle T4 only and regain health. Just thought you'd like to know that the avalanche is beginning."


Homeostatic equilibria between free thyroid hormones and pituitary thyrotropin are modulated by various influences including age, body mass index and treatment
Rudolf Hoermann*, John E.M. Midgley†, Adrienne Giacobino*, Walter A. Eckl*, Hans G€unther Wahl‡,
Johannes W. Dietrich§ and Rolf Larisch

Article first published online: 7 JUL 2014


We examined the interrelationships of pituitary thyrotropin (TSH) with circulating thyroid hormones to determine whether they were expressed either invariably or conditionally and distinctively related to influences such as levothyroxine (L-T4) treatment.

Design and methods
This prospective study employing 1912 consecutive patients analyses the interacting equilibria of TSH and free triiodothyronine (FT3) and free thyroxine (FT4) in the circulation.

The complex interrelations between FT3, FT4 and TSH were modulated by age, body mass, thyroid volume, antibody status and L-T4 treatment. By group comparison and confirmation by more individual TSH-related regression, FT3 levels were significantly lower in L-T4-treated vs untreated nonhypothyroid autoimmune thyroiditis (median 4·6 vs 4·9 pm, P < 0·001), despite lower TSH (1·49 vs 2·93 mU/l, P < 0·001) and higher FT4 levels (16·8 vs 13·8 pm, P < 0·001) in the treated group. Compared with disease-free controls, the FT3-TSH relationship was significantly displaced in treated patients with carcinoma, with median TSH of 0·21 vs 1·63 (P < 0·001) at a comparable FT3 of 5·0 pm in the groups. Disparities were reflected by calculated deiodinase activity and remained significant even after accounting for confounding influences in a multivariable model.

TSH, FT4 and FT3 each have their individual, but also interlocking roles to play in defining the overall patterns of thyroidal expression, regulation and metabolic activity. Equilibria typical of the healthy state are not invariant, but profoundly altered, for example, by L-T4 treatment. Consequently, this suggests the revisitation of strategies for treatment optimization.


To view the above summary online, go to: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/cen.12527/abstract

The full paper is available for 'Patient Access',
which means that:
Patients and/or caregivers may access this content for use in relation to their own personal healthcare or that of a family member only.
To download the full paper in PDF format, click here




Daily Mail Article - Post-traumatic Hypopituitarism

pituitary diagramJoanna Lane has written an excellent article published in the Daily Mail on 17th May about the possibility that many patients with CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia are misdiagnosed.

The article discusses Post-Traumatic Hypopituitarism (PTHP) caused by a head injury. Christine Wrighton, who died in 2011 and Jill Mizen both found out that they had hypopituitarism years after suffering chronic fatigue.

There may be many more people with this condition than is currently realised and Thyroid UK is in the process of writing a patient information leaflet about this problem.

Eddie Barker is another patient who was found to have a growth hormone problem after years of ill health. You can read his story here -

Research needs to be done on this topic and then perhaps NICE will change their minds about including the condition in their guidelines.

To read the article go to:


Possible Problems with Erfa Thyroid

erfa thyroid bottle


Thyroid UK is aware that some people are finding their Erfa Thyroid tablets do not seem to be controlling their symptoms as well. Erfa is investigating this due to the number of complaints they have received. Dr Henri Knafo from Erfa has posted the following on the Mary Shomon forum.

If you have been having problems with your Erfa tablets recently, perhaps it would be a good idea to answer his questions:

Dear all,
As you know we are currently investigating all the complaints that I received and I would like to ask for your help in order to complete the investigation.

1. Do you have a lot number and expiry date written on the bottle of Thyroid ? If so please give it to us.

2. Can you tell us what strength(s) you bought (30, 60 or 125mg) ?

3. Also please mention what pharmacy you bought the product from.

Once this information is received we can go forward with the investigation. Please feel free to email me if you have other questions

Dr Henri Knafo, MD, M.Sc, B.Sc

Email : Henri.knafo@eci2012.net



Our Government e-petition
2014 - 2015

A Call to Action!


fingers holding penOn 23rd April 2014, Thyroid UK re-submitted their Government
e-petition asking for research into T3 and/or natural desiccated thyroid treatment to be funded.

You can view and sign the petition by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/64191

So, let's all...

Sign it, share it, Tweet it, FB it, add it to your email signature!

HM Government logo

'Fund research into T3 and/or natural desiccated thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism'




To All Patients Of Dr Gordon Skinner

Dr Skinner's clinic closed on the 28th February 2014 but the clinic telephone is still functional on
0121 4498895. If any patient has an administrative query please call 0121 4498895 and if no one is available leave a message and we will return your call.

Once again we thank everyone who has donated generously to the Vaccine Research Trust in Dr Skinner's memory and for your support at this very sad time. We are humbled by your kind messages.

As a separate service, unrelated to Dr Skinner's clinic, Ms Helen Cox (Windsor) is offering support in respect of patients' thyroid health on 07951379649; there may be a minimum charge for this, as and when appropriate.

Kind regards,

Afshan Ahmad PhD



Liothyronine Back in Stock

liothyronine pillsThyroid UK has been informed that Amdipharm Mercury (AmCo) now have liothyronine back in stock.

The stock should be delivered to the wholesalers by the end of this week so your pharmacist should be able to obtain it the week after that.

Let's hope this doesn't happen too often!



Liothyronine out of Stock Again

liothyronine pills
Thyroid UK has contacted Amdipharm Co today regarding problems people are having obtaining their product, liothyronine.

Amdipharm told us that liothyronine is out of stock due to a manufacturing problem and that they hope they will be back in stock by the end of April 2014.


Official Closure of Louise Lorne Clinic, which was established by Dr Gordon Skinner

Thyroid UK has received this sad news and letter of thanks from Afshan Ahmad.


Gordon R B Skinner MD (Hons) DSc, FRCPath FRCOG
22 Alcester Road
B13 8BE
Tel/Fax 0121 449 8895

28th February 2014

At 5pm today Friday 28th February 2014 we are officially closing Louise Lorne Clinic based at 22 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham which was established by Dr Gordon Skinner in 1999 to offer help to thousands of patients who suffered from thyroid disease. Over the years we saw these patients returned to optimal health through Dr Skinner’s ministrations.

Every day at the clinic started with laughter and every day ended with great satisfaction for all who worked here. I feel fortunate to have worked with Dr Skinner as he was an exceptional human being.

Dr Skinner’s unique scientific mind combined with the depth of knowledge and experience of medicine enabled him to treat each patient on an individual basis and provide the care needed for that person. He was an independent thinker and a very courageous man, always standing up for what he believed. Dr Skinner always did his best for the patients and was true to his Hippocratic Oath.

I feel privileged and honoured to have been Dr Skinner’s student, colleague and friend. He has inspired generations of students and colleagues who have admired his courage, determination to seek the truth and uniqueness. The most common comment from patients has been that Dr Skinner gave them their life back  - how fantastic to have done that for so many people.

On behalf of Helen Cox, Carol Wright and Helen Gordon I would like to thank all the patients, their relatives and friends for years of friendship and fun and their kindness at this difficult time. We have had wonderful years following patients’ progress some of whom went on to achieve great academic success, marital happiness and babies after treatment. We have been on difficult journeys with some and have been overjoyed by their successes and return to optimal health.

I would also like to thank TPA and Thyroid UK for their help and support.

We will continue Dr Skinner’s work in both thyroid and vaccine research and hope that you will all keep supporting us.

Kind regards,
Afshan Ahmad PhD





The Late Dr John Lowe's Presentation
for Thyroid UK's 2011 Conference

Dr John LoweDr Lowe was asked to speak at the Thyroid UK 2011 conference. Because he could not attend, he kindly made a film of his presentation.

Dr John C Lowe sadly passed away on the 9th January 2012 at the age of 65. This film is the last film that he made and is a lasting tribute to his tireless work for thyroid patients. Unfortunately the sound quality is poor but it is certainly worth watching.

For more information and to see the video, click here


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