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Book Reviews

Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism
by Gordon R B Skinner MD DSc FRCPath FRCOG

Dr Skinner's book front coverI must confess that when reading this book, I laughed so much my husband wondered what on earth I was reading!  When I told him it was a book about thyroid disease management, he couldn’t understand why I was laughing so much.  I was laughing because Dr Skinner’s quirky sense of humour stands out throughout this book, making a serious subject very readable.

His book covers Hypothyroidism diagnosis, management, difficulties and a very interesting chapter called, “The Faux-Pas of the Decade”.  He also covers areas that are linked to hypothyroidism such as B12 deficiency and diabetes.

This book is different to any other book you will have read about hypothyroidism and has some very interesting sections – all done with a brilliant sense of humour!

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'Tears Behind Closed Doors'
Diana Holmes


Diana Holmes' book front coverIn this, Diana's second edition, she sets the scene by telling her own harrowing story and explaining the triumphant way in which she overcame her illness. She goes on to examine with great clarity the multitude of signs and symptoms. Her findings and observations have been vindicated and supported by the medical profession and her work is an admirable example of powerful and productive involvement by a non-medical person.

This edition includes sections on fluoride, a history of clinical thyroidology, a website list of where you can go for further information among other updates.

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Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy
The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it

Barry Durrant-Peatfield


Dr Peatfield's book front coverDr Barry Durrant-Peatfield has now published the second edition of his book, “The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Avoid It.”  In the new edition, “Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy” he draws on his long experience of helping patients with possible thyroid problems to explain what the implications of having an over-active or under-active thyroid are, how to spot the warning signs and how to improve the condition using diet and nutritional options. 

He also tells us about the adrenal connection, Reverse T3 and Wilson’s Syndrome among other topics.

Dr Peatfield's book is available to purchase from us here


Recovering With T3
My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health
Using the T3 Thyroid Hormone

Paul Robinson

Review by Lyn Mynott

Recovering with T3 front coverHypothyroidism can most simply be described as having too little thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is frequently caused by an autoimmune thyroid condition known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  Someone with hypothyroidism is sometimes said to have 'an under-active thyroid or 'low thyroid function'.

The standard treatment for hypothyroidism at the present time is for a doctor to prescribe a medication called levothyroxine (known as T4), which is usually taken once a day for the rest of the patient's life.

There is growing awareness that some people do not appear to recover their former health using the standard T4 thyroid medication and may remain with many symptoms of hypothyroidism including: fatigue or feeling tired all the time, weakness, feeling cold, inability to lose weight, brain fog, digestive system problems and a range of other symptoms typical of an under-active thyroid gland.

Paul Robinson discovered he was hypothyroid over twenty years ago. After many years of being treated with T4, he still had the majority of the symptoms that had first taken him to see his doctor.

Eventually, after many years had passed, during which all known thyroid hormone treatments had been tried, a thyroid medication called liothyronine sodium was used.

Liothyronine is a synthetic equivalent of the thyroid hormone T3. The use of T3 finally enabled him to make a complete recovery, although there were many lessons that he needed to learn about T3 in order to regain his health.

This book covers a vast amount of technical and practical information relating to T3 medication and details how him applied this information in order to get well.  Any reader who wishes to understand more about the T3 thyroid hormone will find this book invaluable.

The book has a foreword by Dr. John C. Lowe, who was a thyroid researcher and clinician for many years and was one of the world's foremost experts on T3 and its correct use.

Dr Lowe wrote, “'Recovering with T3' is quite simply essential reading for any patient and their doctor if they are considering the use of the T3 thyroid hormone.”

Parts of the book are somewhat technical and may be difficult to understand by some people.  T3 only treatment is not for everyone but if you have tried all other avenues such as checking for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, T4 plus T3 or natural thyroid hormone, then this book may help you and your healthcare practitioner to look into another pathway to recovery.

There is a website - http://recoveringwitht3.com/ - which is aimed specifically to work alongside the book 'Recovering With T3' and to provide additional information. This is a small focused website intended for those people who are considering the use of the T3 thyroid hormone and wish to find out more.

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Hypothyroidism in Childhood and Adulthood
A personal perspective and scientific standpoint

By C Phillips and D Roach

Hypothyroidism in Childhood and AdulthoodHypothyroidism in Childhood and AdulthoodHypothyroidism in Childhood and Adulthood


The authors of this book are identical twin sisters who have both suffered from hypothyroidism during childhood and again during adulthood (due to a reduction in their treatment). They have therefore been able to describe experiences of hypothyroidism from a personal perspective. As they both have a Bachelor of Science degree, they were also able to document their experiences from a scientific standpoint.

For more information about Donna and Coralie, visit their website www.thyroidbooks.co.uk



Glossary • Hypothyroidism from a personal perspective • The evaluation of changes in thyroxine (T4) dose by objective and subjective means in adult identical twin sisters who have been treated for hypothyroidism since childhood• The evaluation of a thyroxine (T4) dose increase • The evaluation of tri-iodothronine (T3) inclusion with thyroxine (T4) treatment • The evaluation of increases in tri-iodothyronine (T3) and decreases in thyroxine (T4) treatment • The evaluation of increases in natural dessicated thyroid (NDT) treatment (porcine derived) and decreases in tri-iodothyronine
(T3) treatment • Reflections • Appendices

Donna and Coralie have been treated with Armour and this book may very well persuade your doctor to prescribe it.

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